Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Your Child's New Puppy

#AlphaDogTraining #dogtrainerssaltlakecity Your Child’s First Puppy by Alpha Dog Training https://www.alpha-dog-training (801) 910-1700
Your Child’s First Puppy At Alpha Dog Training we find that children living with pets are generally better off than those who don’t have one. Families with pets are more physically active, and have better general health. However, when it comes to establishing a strong bond between your new puppy and your child early on, you may not know where to start. From the importance of slow introductions to involving your child in the puppy training process, here’s how you can set them up for success. Fostering safe introductions Bringing home a new pup is an exciting event, but it’s necessary to introduce your child and their new furry friend slowly, and in a safe way — especially if you’ve never had a dog around your child before. In order to prevent an unpleasant interaction, supervising the first few encounters and ensuring your new dog is on a leash or using a harness can help. The benefits of playtime together As your child gets accustomed to having a new dog in the house, setting time aside for them to play together can help greatly in further strengthening their bond in a positive way. Whether it’s soccer, fetch, Frisbee, or simply running around together in the backyard, physical activities are a fantastic way to get and keep your new pup active and healthy. And they can also present a positive outlet for your child. Coming home to play a game of fetch with their dog can allow them to blow off some steam, focus on something enjoyable and relieve stress, too. Introducing a bit of responsibility Pets are well known for introducing responsibility to children. Alpha Dog Training suggests making it a good idea to introduce some responsibilities whenever you deem it appropriate to do so. Allowing your child to take part in daily rituals like brushing and feeding the dog can not only teach them how to care for their pet, but can allow them to cultivate a positive connection and bond with the dog through caring for them and spending more time together. Bringing home a new pup is undoubtedly an exciting event, especially if it’s your child’s first pet. You can support a positive and healthy relationship between the two, from safe and supervised introductions and designated playtimes, to teaching your child valuable lessons in responsibility.

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